Overcoming holiday gift anxiety

by Lasyaa Gifts on Nov 25, 2022

Overcoming holiday gift anxiety

Holidays - the much-awaited season of the year. What adds beauty to holidays is that part where we impatiently wait for its commence. You are free from work, gets a lot of quality time with family, catching up with friends and spilling teas, doing things that you enjoy or embracing the silence that has come with settling of chaos. With holidays comes the inevitable tradition of gifting. Your wallet might not agree with your moral compulsion to purchase gifts for all your family and friends. This often causes the anxiety related to gifting in holiday seasons called “the holiday gift anxiety”. The holiday gift anxiety arises from a number of reasons like managing the monthly expenses after purchasing gifts, would your gifts meet their expectations, are the gifts expensive enough etc. Here are a few steps to keep holiday gift anxiety at bay.

#1. Plan ahead

Start saving for the holiday season right from the beginning of the year. This will reduce financial pressure at the last moment.

#2. Fix a budget

Fix a reasonable budget within which you would like to purchase the gifts. This will help you to select gifts thoughtfully.

#3. Listen to the interests of the receivers

Pay attention to the receivers’ idea of gift. This helps you to choose a gift that truly matters to the receiver, thereby making it worth the money and effort.

#4. Stop taking gifting as a competition

The value of your gift is in the thought you put into choosing it. Stop comparing your gift with those of others’. Your gift is one of a kind.

#5. Gift only what is affordable

A gift becomes a “gift” when it is presented whole heartedly, with no regrets. Don’t pressure yourself to buy gifts that don’t suit  your wallet. If the receiver isn’t sensible enough to understand that you have done your best staying within your limitations, then they don’t deserve your generous heart.

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