Jutti: The Perfect Footwear for Each Occasion

by Lasyaa Gifts on Feb 22, 2023

Jutti: The Perfect Footwear for Each Occasion

Jutti is a traditional Indian shoe with its roots in the bygone era. These were shoes worn by royal women. Now, they are popular in many countries of the world such as the UAE, Canada and the USA. If you live in Dubai, you can buy juttis online from Lasyaa.

How is it made and why is it so popular?

This immensely popular footwear has been uniquely stitched for the comfort of the wearer. They are perfect for each season. They are made from hand-woven rope with a cushioned inside and a stylish exterior for semi- formal, formal and as casual wear.

They are worn by many women and men in North India and Middle East.  Juttis are very comfortable and can go with a wide range of outfits.

What is so special about a pair of jutti?

Juttis are made by skilled workers and created for the traditional users. They are preferred by people going to a wedding. They can be worn with office clothes and they are cost-effective and reasonably priced.  Even people who shop online have a huge demand for juttis. 

So, in case, if you are a resident of Dubai, then do check out Lasyaa to buy Juttis online. They have beautifully designed Juttis at competitive prices. Juttis are becoming very popular because they are comfortable and can be paired for multifarious occasions.

Designs Used in Juttis

Juttis are special footwear paired with various designs such as:

  • Printed Juttis:   Printed Juttis are perfect for the ultra- feminine look. They can be paired with Maxi dresses and Skater dresses. Edgy look can also be achieved by women who wish to adorn high-waist shorts and jumpsuits. Geometric designs can be used by people going to work and would look great with white shirt and chinos.
  • Ghungroo style: Ghungroos are used in Jootis to spice them.  Juttis are worn with suits to complete the modern and traditional blend.
  • Tassel or Pompoms:  Jutti designers may design Juttis with tassels to revamp traditional footwear to modern.
  • Mirror work: Mirror work is a popular design that is also used in clothing. Now, you can also see mirror work in juttis. Mirror work can add extra zing to Juttis and make them shiny and new. This also completes the chic look of Juttis.
  • Khussa: This kind of Jutti has a curled-tip in the front representing masculinity. This resembles the shape of a moustache.
  • Salim Shahi Jutti: This kind of design was worn by Prince Jahangir.  It has spade-shaped soles.
  • Jalsa Jutti: These are attractive looking Juttis for men and can be worn on weddings and also parties and other functions.

Parties and wedding functions are special occasions and one’s clothing and footwear can make a huge impact on one’s appearance. If you are going to attend a function in Dubai or looking for fun and fashionable footwear, then order juttis online from Lasyaa now.


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