How to Wear a Saree in Various Styles and on Different Occasions?

by Lasyaa Gifts on Mar 24, 2023

How to Wear a Saree in Various Styles and on Different Occasions?

Women in India have worn sarees for ages since they are a classic item of attire. However, this attire is now not just limited to India. This attire is now popular in various parts of the world, including Dubai. Why? A women's saree is more than just a piece of fabric; it also represents femininity, tradition, and elegance.

Sarees are beautiful because of their versatility. We have different women's sarees that you can style in different ways to fit diverse occasions and individual preferences. It can be dressed up for any occasion, whether it's a wedding, a formal function, or even just a day out in the sun.

Listed below are some different saree looks and styling advice for different occasions:

Traditional Nivi Look

The most popular saree draping style is the Nivi style. For formal events like weddings or office parties, this look is ideal. You must tuck one end of the saree into your waistband before wrapping it around your waist to wear it in the Nivi manner. A brooch or safety pin can be used to secure the pallu, which needs to be draped over your left shoulder.


Gujarati Style

Another common form ideal for celebrations or cultural gatherings is the Gujarati saree drape. Make front pleats and tuck them into your waistband to drape the saree in this way. The pallu should be worn over your left shoulder after being wrapped around your back and over your head.

Lehenga-Style Saree

Sarees in the Lehenga style are suitable for weddings and other ceremonial occasions. To wear it in this way, you need to make front pleats and tuck the saree into your waistband. After being placed over your head, the pallu should be brought around your back, over your left shoulder, and finally tucked in your waist.

Bengali Style

Another standard style to wear a saree is Bengali Style. This way of draping a saree is frequently seen in Bengali weddings. However, it gives an aesthetic look to any ethnic occasion. In this look, the saree is tucked in at the back rather than the front, resulting in a look without pleats. The saree is then draped over your left shoulder, brought around your waist, and tucked in on the left side.

Maharashtrian Way

Simple yet gorgeous is the Maharashtrian saree-wearing style. In this look, you make pleats when you tuck the saree in at the back and pull it around your waist. The saree is then pinned in place while you wrap it over your left shoulder. For formal events, weddings, and festivals, this look is excellent.

Saree-partial style

A common South Indian fashion is the Half Saree. In this look, the saree is draped over the left shoulder while you are wearing a long skirt. The saree is then wrapped around your waist and tucked in the front.



It takes some practice to perfect the art of saree-wearing. You can look beautiful with the right women saree and the perfect look. You can create any of the above look with our collection of sarees. At Lasyaa, we have a variety of sarees according to your need and preferences with the best fabric and design that makes you look beautiful. Are you ready to buy women sarees to flaunt a stunning traditional look in Dubai? If yes, visit and shop now.

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