Gifting yourself

by Lasyaa Gifts on Oct 16, 2022

Gifting yourself

Do you remember the countless battles you fought for yourself? Do you remember the times you tried to heal others’ burns while your soul was in a pit of fire? Do you remember your efforts to light someone else’s candle with the little light you had? And then the moments you adorned the mask of spring while your depths were blue from winter. Through the crests and troughs of life, crying names for help, there was one person who always stood beside you and will continue to do so – YOU.

Ever taken a moment to appreciate its valor? No? Then show your self some love because if you don’t love yourself neither will you consider yourself worthy of love nor can you love others.

How do we love ourselves?

#1. Thank yourself for staying strong

Recall the crucial moments when you believed in yourself and stood strong. Thank yourself for the courage to take untrodden roads.

#2. Acknowledge and forgive own flaws

Understand your own weaknesses. Think of the numerous ways you can be destroyed and work on them. Life is a constant learning process and not knowing is its basic nature. So don’t be shy to accept own flaws and work on them.

#3. Nurture yourself by learning from mistakes

Human beings are bound to make mistakes but dwelling on them is self sabotage. Reflect on your actions, learn from mistakes, become wise and use it as a manure to nurture yourself.

#4. Gift yourself

Don’t you gift your special ones then why not gift yourself. Show some appreciation by gifting yourself something that reminds you of all your struggles, successes and failures. One that symbolizes your long journey, growing wise with every step.

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